How to use a shampoo bar

Step by step how to wash with a shampoo bar

Step 1.

Start by wetting the shampoo bar. Then you create a lather in your hands. You then use the lather to wash your hair by running your hands from root to top of the hair. When you have a thin layer of lather evenly distributed in your hair, massage your scalp gently.

Step 2.

Rinse thoroughly for two minutes. Solid shampoo needs to be rinsed out for a little longer than liquid shampoo, so don't stress and take an extra minute.


We recommend using the shampoo without conditioner unless you have very dry or damaged hair. For dry and damaged hair, we recommend that you use our conditioner bar after shampooing the first time. When your hair feels better, you can stop using the conditioner bar and just use the shampoo bar. If you have curly or wavy hair, we think you should try letting your hair dry on its own for the best results, but of course you can also do your usual hair routine.


Store the shampoo bar dry between uses.

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