Discover the new hair care routine

Whether you want to fight frizz, irritated scalp or bring out curls, our shampoo bars offer a simple hair care routine that will help your hair to be its most beautiful. FOAM Accessories shampoo bars are as gentle as conditioner but wash as clean as shampoo. A caring formula containing organic oils and helps your hair regain its natural beauty.

Our shampoo bars are a more natural and gentler alternative to regular shampoo. We manufacture the shampoo bars in a natural process that produces a product that works in harmony with your hair and scalp. The hair becomes shiny clean while the natural structure of the hair is preserved and restored.

If you used shampoo with a lot of chemicals in it, which wore out your hair for a long time, you probably also have the habit of using different conditioners, lotions or oils after shampooing. This is needed when you use a shampoo that damages your hair and cleans the hair at the expense of the hair structure. When you switch to using our shampoo bars, you will notice that the hair is not damaged by shampooing. Our conditioner bars are developed to use during the transition period when your hair is very worn and frizzy, but for the vast majority, the conditioner bars are not needed, so try just shampoing at first! Many are surprised that, despite worn hair, they do not need conditioner. The nourishing oils in the shampoo bar provide a nurturing and soothing effect on the hair that only improves over time.

A new habit

Discover the simplicity of the new hair care routine that fundamentally changes your bathroom shelf. Instead of regular shampoo and a multitude of different care products in and after the shower, you switch to one single product!

Your bathroom turns into a stylish minimalistic inspiration and your hair becomes magically easy to maintain and beautiful.

80% of our customers use the shampoo bar without the subsequent conditioner bar. Our shampoo bars are as gentle as a conditioner and cleanses as when using a shampoo. Cleansing takes place in a natural and gentle way that is specially developed for sensitive scalps and hair that needs a lot of care.

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