Testproffs testar och recenserar våra produkter

Test professionals test and review our products

Testproffs.se has done an independent test and reviewed our popular shampoo bars and conditioner bars. Here you can read a summary of the results. You can find the entire review here.


" The result is perfect hair and for me it lasts without exaggeration for a week."


Hanna has tested FOAM Accessories' shampoo and conditioner bars for her own and her daughter's hair, and our products are praised for how soft and smooth the hair becomes at the same time as it gets clean. Hanna tells us that the conditioner cake makes her daughter's extremely dry and tangled hair much easier to detangle, and we also get praise for how good our products are.





Test Pros is an independent site that helps consumers make well-informed decisions using objective tests and reviews. They test the products in the same way that the consumer uses it and provide honest and independent reviews. See the complete FOAM Accessories product test.