Äntligen kan vi erbjuda din hund samma lyx!

Finally, we can offer your dog the same luxury!

Dog shampoo has been in demand and finally we can now offer our fur-clad friends a fantastic shampoo bar that detangles, moisturizes and gives shine. Suitable for both long and short fur.

For very greasy or very dirty fur, we recommend shampooing twice.

Many dogs suffer from dry fur which, when dry, also begins to matte. Regular shampooing with our caring and moisturizing shampoo bar helps the dog's skin and coat to feel good and to be easy to care for.

The shampoo bar for dogs is used like a normal dog shampoo except that you lather up shampoo from the bar instead of pouring from a bottle, but feel free to find a cozy bathing routine that your dog learns to appreciate and look forward to.

Step by step cozy bath routine:

Soak the coat with pleasantly warm water.

Use the bar directly on the fur or lather up a foam in your hands. Massage into the coat everywhere except right around the eyes.

With long fur, you can comb through the foam with your fingers in the direction of the fur to prevent tangles.

For long ears, don't forget the underside of the earlobes.

Rinse thoroughly.

Blow dry the dog with a hair dryer at a comfortable temperature. Be extra careful under long ears and in armpits or where moisture can linger.

Comb or brush through the clean, soft coat.